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What to Expect

At Captured By Christine Photography, we understand that having portraits made can be stressful for families, so this section is dedicated to help alleviate any stress you may have and assist in planning for a successful portrait session.

The most important part of your session is the pre-session consultation that may be done by phone or in the studio.  At this time we will discuss anything special that you want us to capture in your child or family. 
We will discuss the age and number of children, time and location of the session, clothing options and suggestions.  We can also discuss the placement of your images in your home. Just let us know if you would like to discuss placement ideas. Thinking of these things ahead of time will help you in your image selections.



 During the Session

We always let the child lead the session, so if he or she is a little nervous, we will pull you into the session and read him a book or just talk until he begins to feel more comfortable in front of the lights.  These images can be beautiful as well, so we encourage parents to dress appropriately, wearing white or black.  If your child needs a break during the session, we take it.  And, we are never beneath bribing your children with bubbles, candy, etc.

We like to feel free to move around during the session to get images from all different angles.  Which means; we will rely greatly upon you to help bring out your child's natural expressions.  We also believe there is no one who knows your child better than you, so you are our best asset.  Just remember to stay calm and relaxed. 


After the Session

After the session, we will schedule a viewing session.  Viewing sessions are scheduled approximately 2 weeks from your session date.  Anyone who is involved in the ordering process needs to be at this appointment.   The viewing session can take 1 hour.  One viewing session is included in your Creation Fee, an additional viewing session or re-posting of your online gallery will be $20.00.

Once you have made your selections and paid your minimum 50% of your order, we will begin processing your order.  Final orders take 4 to 5 weeks for completion.  We take great time and care with our final orders, so please be patient and we will call you as soon as they arrive.  We appreciate your time and financial investment in our studio and we want to make sure that we give you the best quality images we can.


 What to wear


1. Be a head turner
You know that outfit that you have that makes you feel amazing. Everyone smiles at you when you put it on. That’s a good start for your photo shoot. Wear something that makes you want to smile.


2. Don't over-match
There might be a perfectionist lurking inside you (or someone you love) that insists on everyone in your family wearing khaki pants and a black shirt. Or blue jeans and a white shirt. You get the idea. Some people adore this look. Personally, I think its overdone and it always leaves someone looking dowdy. The only reason why everyone should be wearing the exact same thing is if there's a wedding. Instead of matching everyone identically, think of your family as a wardrobe ensemble. Pick out colors that work together. No one wearing the exact same thing, and yet you all match.


3. Dress for the same party

You don't want to have one person wearing a t-shirt, while someone else is wearing a cute dress. Everyone in the photo should be dressed on the same level. Either all casual or all dressed up.

4. Consider the destination

On a similar note, you should dress appropriately for the pictures intended purpose. If you're getting head shots done for your business, then wear a business suit. If you only use black frames in your living room, then incorporate black into your outfits so that the finished results look professional.

5. Don't overdo busy patterns

In small doses, busy patterns can spice up a photo. You have to be careful though when you incorporate patterns. Keep in mind that fashion changes with every season, so you 't want your outfits to look dated in six months. As long as you balance out patterns with solids, you'll be fine. Just think of your family's clothing as an ensemble.

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